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Lemongrass Lemon Drop

Lemongrass Lemon Drop

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Texture: jelly/ diy clay

Scent: lemongrass

Size: 6 oz

Add-ins: clay lemon

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all of my slimes consist of:

  • glue
  • borax
  • food coloring
  • fragrance oil
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Customer Reviews

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Victoria Green
So Fluffy!

You know those yellow marshmallow peeps that always show up around Easter time? You know how half the fun is smushing and stretching them? This slime is exactly like that except you can re-fluff the slime and do it all over again! At first I was worried that the lemon scent would overpowering like cleaner fumes, but it's not. It's pleasantly light, just like the slime itself. This is one of the two slimes I bought from this shop and it's my favorite just by the texture alone.