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St. Patty’s Thickie

St. Patty’s Thickie

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texture: ultra thickie 

scent: peppermint patty 

size: 6oz

addins: glitter, gnome charm, pot of gold charm, fimos, sprinkles 

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all of my slimes consist of:

  • glue
  • borax
  • food coloring
  • fragrance oil
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tamarra McWilliams

This slime was beautiful! I had so much fun with it and the texture was smooth and stretchy. It was a little rippy, so I had to add some lotion, but once I did the texture was fabulous! It smelled great, but the scent was light like the glue ate it up. Overall, great slime! I would definitely recommend it and pull it out to poke at often.

Amazing Pops!

I absolutely love this slime. It can be a little on the rippy side but it makes effortlessly loud pops and is beautifully thick 🥰 Decorating it was also so much fun, the color is gorgeous, and the smell made me crave thin mints in the best way. This is a slime I play with almost daily now. Love it! ❤️ Also, shipping was super fast and everything was packaged perfectly.


Made me crave thin mints… Lol. The texture was to die for!! I love the color of this!!


I wasn’t sure if I wanted to order this slime, but I took a chance. However, this slime was horrible. This slime is so rippy and is smells like acrylic paint with a hint of mint. It feels clay heavy too. After playing with it for a couple of minutes it became mushy/rippy, like bubble gum that one has been chewing on all day.